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Our magazine Blanc Sanglier

The Yorkshire Branch Magazine is, of course, named after King Richard’s personal badge. The magazine is produced three times each year in December, April and August and sent to our members and subscribers.

Blanc Sanglier is the longest-running Branch publication in the Richard III Society and we have many faithful readers and contributors throughout the world. Each issue features material of interest to Ricardians, historians, and researchers on a variety of subjects.

Our most recent issue in Volume 57 (2023) is No 2 , the April issue, which has been edited and produced by our new Editor and Committee Member Dr Alison Harrop, who also produces our newsletter It retains its colour cover and includes articles ranging from Richard III’s Royal Title in Parliament to the Yorkist Norton family’s role in the Rising of the North, the digest of a lecture on Thomas More by a learned authority, and the illegitimate genealogy of Henry VII. It also includes a book review, a quiz, and members comments on “The Lost King” as well as an update on the Middleham Jewel which splendidly illustrates the front cover. So, there is plenty to enjoy and refer back to. Contributions for future issues can be sent directly to Dr Alison Harrop for consideration or to any other committee member.

Many previous issues of Blanc Sanglier are available to borrow from the Library, for the cost of postage.

We are now able to distribute Blanc Sanglier electronically to those subscribers who prefer this medium. Please let a member of the Committee know if you would like to do this.

Articles for consideration, and suggestions for future issues are always welcome, and may be submitted to any member of the Branch Committee. Contact us through the Branch website, by email, or post, as appropriate.