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Book review - Sons of York


Alex Marchant’s fourth book SONS OF YORK is available now.

Although Alex (whom we also know as Society Member Carol Fellingham-Webb) aims her writing at 9-year-olds and above, please don’t let that put you off as the books are equally enjoyable for adults. The series began with The Order of the White Boar when young Matthew Wansford, a merchant’s son from York, became a page at Middleham Castle and subsequently formed a close circle of friends which included Edward, Richard Duke of Gloucester’s son. The writing gives an authentic portrayal of mediaeval life for growing children, including some female characters. The Kings Man took us through Richard’s accession to the throne and his sad fate at Bosworth field whilst King in Waiting told of the imagined escape of the Princes in the Tower. I would recommend all three. Although the events in the first two will be well known to Ricardians, it is good to see how the relationships develop. Sons of York takes us to the crowning of the young Edward Plantagenet in Dublin and the subsequent ‘Lambert Simnel’ story. Whilst not wanting to give away any plot spoilers, I am sure you will find the ending intriguing and not quite as you might have expected. Of course, this can’t be the final book in the series if Richard of York is still around though I gather Alex is waiting to see if any new information comes out of The Missing Princes Project next year. But I for one will be watching this space! Every time I leave Kings Cross station and pass the so-called ‘Harry Potter platform 9¾’, I think how wonderful it would be if Alex could secure a film franchise because The Order of the White Boar series has everything to appeal: - a secret code, a disparate group of friends, a ‘baddie’ rival who must be avoided, dogs, horses, swordfights, intrigues and battles....

Alex’s books are all available on Amazon though you will also see her at many Ricardian events in costume with her book stall. She is also available to give talks to schools and libraries. And if you have read any of the books, please do leave her a review on Amazon (you can do this even if you didn’t buy it there) because it really helps.

Alex can be contacted on facebook.com/AlexMarchantAuthor


ISBN 979-8811480777

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